INT Beauty Shop strives to keep its customers satisfied and always offers completely FREE shipping worldwide on all orders with 30-day returns after receipt! Our beautiful clothes and beauty products are ethically manufactured in Zhejiang, China and are animal-friendly so you can shop safely with confidence. Our stock currently dispatches primarily from China, Singapore, and occasionally South FL, USA (currently all stock are dispatching from China & Singapore, USA dispatch will resume in 2018)depending on the stock location and it can average 1-7 business days for order processing. Beauty products will typically dispatch within 48 hours of receiving payment, however, this can occasionally take longer for order processing so please allow up to 7 business days if it has not dispatched right away. Orders are not processed on Sundays. *Shipping Address Changes: Unfortunately, we can not change your shipping address between countries once your order has been dispatched. If there is a typo or error (such as a missing apartment number,) usually once the package has arrived in the destination country, the domestic postal service can be contacted to update or hold a package. If your order can not be delivered, once it has been returned to us then the order will be refunded. You may place an order with the correct address but we will need to have the original parcel returned for a refund. If you will be traveling while your package is in transit, please make arrangements with your local post office to hold or collect it in your absence.* Tracking You can track your order on our tracking page If that does not pull up information, please also try or Please allow some time for the initial scan to update, it is not usually immediate. *Most countries average 7-20 days for delivery but you should expect at least a few weeks for your order to arrive.*   It is not uncommon for there to be a gap in days to weeks between scans as your package is in transit and crossing between countries. Once your order has arrived in its destination country, typically you can also track your order via your domestic postal service (such as USPS or Australia Post.) You will receive an email, messenger, or push notification(s) once your order(s) have shipped, depending on your subscription preference. Most orders ship via ePacket to all countries available for ePacket delivery, which is a USPS & China Post EMS postal service product. ePacket is more reliable than standard international mail to arrive in a more timely manner and provides tracking service for your order internationally which can be tracked through your various methods such as your local postal service, or the China EMS website at Depending on your location, ePacket delivery may not be available and we will send international standard shipping with the next most reliable service with tracking information. China orders are typically shipped via YTO Express or SF Express except for Hong Kong & Taiwan which may ship standard post and will typically take 1-3 weeks. *We do not guarantee arrival by exact delivery dates due to the nature of the shipping service!*   *To Residents of Mainland China purchasing Beauty products: Please ensure you submit your shipping address in Chinese if your order is being delivered to an address in mainland China. All other orders please write your shipping address in English. All orders must include a valid telephone number. We must be able to verify your information for the shipment. Orders to mainland China will dispatch via YTO Express or (possibly SF Express if in Beijing until further notice) which delivers usually within a week after our processing time average of 3 business days (this can go up to 7 business days depending on the queue and if address verification is required.) Orders may still be subject to standard shipment with standard international shipping times depending on stock so if your order is not sent with a YTO or SF Express number, expect an average time of 16-26 days and allow at least a few weeks.   如果您的訂單正在送到中國大陸的地址,請確保您提交中文送貨地址。 其他所有訂單請用英文填寫您的收貨地址。 所有訂單都必須包含有效的電話號碼。 我們必須能夠驗證您的貨件信息。 中國大陸的訂單將通過中國一號通快遞或(如果在北京直到另行通知,可能順豐速運)通常在我們的處理時間之後一個星期內交付平均3個工作日(這可以根據隊列和時間長達7個工作日 如果需要驗證地址的話)。訂單可能仍然按照標準國際運輸時間標準運輸,具體取決於庫存,所以如果您的訂單沒有用YTO或順豐速運號碼發送,預計平均時間為16-26天, 至少幾個星期。 US Orders US orders ship by USPS or e-packet, which is a US postal service product, depending on item stock location. US orders usually take between 7 and 20 business days to arrive at their destination but can take longer from time to time due to customs or other various circumstances during transit. US orders currently dispatch from Yiwu, China and are delivered domestically through USPS. Please contact us if you have not received your order within 45 days. Once your item has arrived in the destination country, orders can be tracked via: Everywhere Else: International orders average between 7 and 25 days to arrive at their destination, but sometimes can take up to 40 business days depending on your location and other various factors such as customs review in some countries. Generally, expect at least a few weeks to receive your order. See the China Post website for averages: Please contact us if you have not received your order within 45 days. *If no one is home to receive the package,  please contact your local postal to arrange delivery.*
The total fee for international orders does not include taxes, VAT, duties and import costs for these fees are determined by your country and is the responsibility of the purchaser. Please note that if you purchase more than one item, your items may not ship out together or arrive at the same time so please do not be surprised if you receive separate packages for one order.